Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Interpretation of Adele's song "Turning Tables"

This song is a very emotional song by Adele that suites every person in the world who had felt what it is to love so much and get hurt.


"Close enough to start a war,
All that I have is on the floor,
God only knows what we're fighting for,
All that I say, you always say more"

(Line 1) They had a confrontation, and any moment someone could burst out in to emotions.
(L2) They are throwing their things out of anguish and every thing's on the floor OR this could mean that she had let go of her relationship and now it's on the floor.
(L3) They don't even remember what caused them to argue.
(L4) The man said a lot of promises but carried out a few.

"I can't keep up with your turning tables,
Under your thumb, I can't breathe,"

(L1) She's tired of him, always trying to get even or reversing situations and justifying his actions and trying to make HER the bad person.
(L2) She only mentioned the thumb because she really wants to be in his hand but his grip is just too much. She just wants him to change because it's killing her.

"So I won't let you close enough to hurt me,
No, I won't ask you, you to just desert me,
I cant give you,what you think you gave me,
It's time to say goodbye to turning tables,
To turning tables,"

(L1) But now she has had enough, and he wont allow him to hurt her anymore.
(L2) She wont go back with him, because it's just asking for him to hurt her again and to leave her crying again.
(L3) She can't give him love in return for all the pain he has caused her.
* He thinks he's not hurting her because he keeps on justifying his actions, hence, Turning tables.
(L4) And now she's leaving him and his foolish acts.

"Under haunted skies I see, ooh.
where love is lost, your ghost is found.
I've lived a hundred storms to leave you.
As hard as you try, no I will never be knocked down."

(L1)Every night she still thinks of him.
(L2) And even though she doesn't love him anymore, he'll always have a place in her heart.
(L3) She had suffered/cried a lot to forget him/not love him anymore.
(L4) He can't court her back again, her decision is final.

"Next time I'll be braver,
I'll be my own savior,
When the thunder calls for me,
Next time I'll be braver,
I'll be my own savior,
Standing on my own two feet,"

(L1) The next time she gets in to a relationship she know what she'll do.
(L2) She wont be the damsel in distress waiting for a prince charming to save her. No, not anymore.
(L3) When trials come her way.
(L6) She'll do things on her own.

"Turning Tables" is a song about a break up. She's telling a story about her bad past with her boyfriend, and how she tries to empower herself to remind her her strengths and that she doesn't need a man to take care of her or either wise.

My favorite rendition of Turning Tables by Gwyneth Paltrow in the hit series "Glee Season 2 Episode "Night of Neglect"


  1. I'm being an over-insecure ass with my girl, I hope she doesn't hate me for it,
    I'm always expecting her to be mad at me and expecting the worst to happen so i ask her weird questions like "don't you like me anymore" and such....It's the second time this has happened and the first time I said I'll try my best to stop. . .I just started a new spell of it again, God knows I don't wanna lose her,
    she loves Adele. . .I hope she's not listening and thinking about us. . .I hope it's just me being insecure again.
    I really wanna change, we've been at each other's side around three years now. . .and I'm messing it up. . I love her, but It's not the best time to tell her, all cos of me(_,,)
    I hope I can change things around and make her as happy as she always was before again.

  2. Thank You for reading my blog Mr Anonymous. I'm hoping for the best for you and your girlfriend. I guess if i could give you some unsolicited advice, I guess it would be to love your girl, like you'll never ever love again.

  3. What is her style in this, I have to analysis it and I can't figure it out... so far I got that she uses simple, modern language, she likes repetition and has a abstract diction. Also what would her message be? Thanks!

  4. today was talent show day and i was pumped and getting ready to go to school. my boyfriend picks me up and we head to school...."babe you need your wallet?' "yeah grab it...get my change too." as i look down to get the change i realize theirs something in the way..........a ring..... the ring i gave him to promise that i will always love him and as long as i wear mine i love him and as long as he wears his he loves me ....that loves now gone .... i cried for an hour and tried to end my self but he stopped me for now away and pulled me out of his car...... then i had a choice to not sing and perform at the talent show and let it bother me or stand up and sing..... as i was singing i realized that this song meant a whole lot more than what i thought it meant ......i finished the song and cried .... i saw some feelings in his eyes and was ;like yeah i stood up and now hes comeing back for me ........sike he just wanted his phone back. i walk down the hallway he is avoiding me and walks away .....then i got to thinking .....i didnt choose this song to song ..... he chose it a week ago..... i should have saw the sign when it was coming.........